The Barcelona Chair

Barcelona Chair Experiment

A few years ago I saw an early Barcelona chair in a Dutch auction house. The chair sold for approximately 50,000 Euros. I have included a photograph of this beautiful chair below. I later visited the Mies Van Der Rohe Pavilion in Barcelona. In there were two aged Barcelona chairs in white leather - they looked incredible. With use the chair straps had stretched. The cushions had moulded into the curved frame of the chair.

They say great design endures and this can certainly explain the Barcelona chair's iconic status. It seems the high design of the Barcelona chair is not effected by use. An aged Barcelona chair to me looks more beautiful. This I believe is due to good design.

The idea of the Bamburg Barcelona chair was borne out of the above experiences. I wanted to create a Barcelona chair which had the appearance of an early version of the chair.

If you have any questions regarding the Bamberg Barcelona chair then please contact me on 01482 222283 or email

More details can be found at: The Bamberg Barcelona Chair Project

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