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Below is a small selection of the Barcelona chair brought to you by Iconic Interiors. I think you'll agree the chair looks wonderful.

If these photographs have whet your appetite then please visit our online store at to buy this beautiful chair. New antique brown leather Barcelona chair photographs

  1. Introducing our new vintage aniline leather now available for the Barcelona chair

  2. The Barcelona chair upholstered in our special claret full aniline leather

  3. The quality and look of our vintage full aniline leather is stunning

  4. Our popular claret full aniline leather

  5. From every angle our Barcelona chair looks impressive.

  6. You can see from above the quality of our full aniline leather. Very thick and luxurious to the touch. It is also clear the excellent craftmenship which has gone into the stitching. This chair will last you many, many years.

  7. The accompanying stool/ottoman can be sold with the chair or separate. The stool finishes off the chair making it even more comfortable. The Barcelona ottoman is also a lovely stand alone piece.

  8. Each of our chairs has a unique number indicating who crafted the chair. This allows us to pinpoint any problems in the unlikely event of their being a fault with the chair.

  9. Here we see the inner part of the Barcelona cushions. You can again see the thick full aniline leather. The foam cushion is tested to UK fire regulations as is the cushion lining.

  10. Our chairs use full aniline leather throughout. The leather is used for all the straps and on all sides of the cushions as with the Knoll version of the chair.

  11. Notice how the leather is seamless around the top of the cushion. Cheaper versions of the Barcelona chair use four strips per cushion. Again, our chair is a faithful reproduction of the Knoll version.

  12. Another major advantage to the Iconic Interiors chair is the comfort. We ensure the foam used is very soft. As you can see in this photograph, the foam is very squidgy. We have sampled cheaper chairs which are very stiff and consequently uncomfortable.

  13. The buttons used on the chair are the size of an American dime as with the Knoll chair. Again, notice the excellent stitching. This chair is designed to last for many years.

  14. Another angle showing the chair accompanied by the ottoman stool. A great combination.

  15. A closer look at the corner of the Barcelona cushions displaying the continual length of leather used. This shot also shows how lovely the aniline leather is.

  16. Iconic Interiors holds stock of the Barcelona chair in the following aniline leathers: black, tan, brown, white and cream. There are many other colours available. If you would like to order a different colour please contact them on 0845 1200 097.

  17. Similar to the original version of the chair the Iconic Interiors' chair uses high quality Grade 304 solid steel in 12mm pieces. You can tell a quality Barcelona chair by it's weight and believe me the Iconic Interiors' chair is very weighty!

  18. Any questions relating to the chairs please call Iconic Interiors on 01482 222 283. We love to hear from you and are more than happy to answer any of your questions. Alternatively email us at: and we will reply within a few hours.

Ludwig Mies Van Der Rohe

Known as the "Barcelona Chair" today, it had originally been designed for the Deutscher Werkbund Pavilion at the Barcelona World Exposition in 1929. They were meant to be used by the King and Queen of Spain on occasion of their official visit to the exposition. The original version was covered with white pig leather. Though it has a "machine made" appearance it is almost 100% hand laboured. The frames are made of massive suspension steel. It requires extreme precision and higest craftsmanship to weld and finish the flawless joints. Left: Detail view of the luxurious upholstery, showing the beautiful grain of our leathers. Each single square is cut by hand and individually sewn. Such takes a lot of time... please allow us some extra weeks to do it properly. You will not regret it for many long years!

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