Why Buy Our Barcelona Chair

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So what makes the Iconic Interiors' Barcelona Chair so special?

  • If you do not love our Barcelona chair as much as we do then we will collect the chair and give you a full refund! More Info
  • In stock, delivered to you within 3 days!
  • Comfort More Info
  • Identical dimensions to the original. More Info
  • 304 Grade, 12mm stainless steel frame. More Info
  • Full aniline certified Italian leather. More Info
  • Fully compliant with UK and EU standards. More Info
  • Top quality workmanship. More Info
  • Robust and hardwearing. More Info
  • 100% inspected prior to despatch. More Info
  • 1 year full material and workmanship guarantee from the manufacturer. More Info
  • Hundreds of satisfied customers. More Info
  • Our Barcelona chair has featured on TV and in national magazines. More Info

From every angle our Barcelona chair looks impressive. Many more photographs of the Iconic Interiors chair can be viewed in the Barcelona chair gallery section

Barcelona chairs are not all the same, we know how disappointing it is to make a purchase only to realise that it is not going to provide you with the years of pleasure and use that you expected. At Iconic Interiors we keep our costs to a minimum to ensure that we offer you the best possible price and we genuinely believe that you will not find a better quality Barcelona chair anywhere else, in fact we challenge you to find one!

A full refund if you are not happy - Our Promise!
As with all our furniture, we are so confident you will love our Barcelona chair when it arrives that we offer a no quibble returns policy. We can offer this because we know our furniture is of the highest build quality. We have been selling our Barcelona chairs for many years and our customers just love them. We take great pleasure in making our customers happy. We do not and will never consider cutting corners with our furniture.

Our Barcelona chairs are very comfortable. They ooze quality when sat upon. We have noticed with many other Barcelona chair reproductions that a major price saving is made by using inferior foam which is very rigid. This is a real shame because many potential customers are put off by the Barcelona chair because they have sampled one of these inferior seats. Again, our Barcelona chair is not a compromise, every care is made to ensure maximum comfort.

Identical dimensions to the original
We believe it is important to match the dimensions and where feasible, materials to the Mies van der Rohe originals that can be seen in design museums across the world. A furniture designer does not achieve greatness by making mistakes so why mess about with their perfect designs? Some examples sold as Barcelona chairs by other suppliers are smaller in stature than the original and lose something in the downscaling.

304 Grade, 12mm stainless steel frame
304 grade stainless steel is the premium choice for furniture frames, it is strong and durable, it will not bend or fatigue through ordinary use and will withstand variations in heat and humidity. The stainless steel is finished through a process of polishing that is both beautiful and practical. Inferior Barcelona chairs are sometimes chromed rather than polished, chrome finish looks cheaper than polished steel and has a tendency to chip, flake and mark. Also you should look out for frames less substantial than our 12mm version, 10mm is not substantial enough and will almost certainly distort after a period of time.

Full aniline certified Italian leather
Full aniline leather is natural hide as nature intended it. It is thick and luxurious and will improve with time. Other suppliers will offer you top grain leather, which is a lower quality material that has been printed over to temporarily improve its performance. Top grain leather does not age well and is generally less supple than full grain, over time its rigidity can impact upon the stitches, literally ripping them out. As the leather is traceable back to Italy we can ensure that it has been sourced from a supply that fully complies with EU standards. Many cheaper versions use Thai leather which as well as looking inferior also may have been obtained in a manner which we would not consider humane.

Fully compliant with UK and EU standards
The UK has the most stringent requirements for foam filled furniture of anywhere in the world, we must comply with these requirements for sale to the UK public however we test in duplicate to ensure that the results are completely reliable, this is true wherever in the world we are supplying. We work closely with the Department of Trading Standards to ensure that full consideration is given to the safety and wellbeing of our customers.

Top quality workmanship
Workmanship matters, the best designed furniture badly executed is not worth putting into your home. We use manufacturers who value the skill of their employees and reward long service and good results. Apprenticeship schemes in the various disciplines involved in making furniture ensure that these high standards are also sustainable.

Robust and hardwearing
The combination of a great design, high quality materials and meticulous workmanship all contribute to ensure that our Barcelona Chairs are robust and hardwearing, you will not have to request your larger friends sit elsewhere as you would with the weaker versions and they will improve with the passage of time. We know we have these in our office and they have never let us down.

100% inspected prior to despatch
As with all our furniture when we receive the Barcelona Chairs from our suppliers they are subject to a rigorous quality check before being re-packaged and despatched to you. We stand them on glass to ensure an even frame and thoroughly inspect every stitch on each cushion. If they do not meet the grade for cosmetic reasons we may offer them for sale at discounted rates but we would never offer a materially defective item for any price. Fortunately thanks to our manufacturers rigorous checks it is less than 1 in 200 chairs that we are not able to sell but we check every one regardless. Through extensive market research we are aware that many suppliers do not even un-package their items before sending them to their customers never mind inspect them for quality but we know that you want right first time and aim to provide you with just that.

1 year full material and workmanship guarantee from the manufacturer
From the point of your purchase and for a period of 12 months if you identify any problem with either the materials or workmanship you are protected by a guarantee, further details can be found in our terms and conditions.

Hundreds of satisfied customers
To date () Iconic Interiors has supplied Barcelona Chairs to 2056 satisfied customers, including repeat purchasers which we believe says a lot for our furniture. We also pride ourselves in the word-of-mouth advertising that you can come to rely on when you supply a beautiful product. Our customers vary from individuals to large organisations and we supply many interior designers both within the UK and across Europe.

Our Barcelona chair has featured on TV and in national magazines
While a top priced Barcelona chair made it into M's home in the latest Bond movie (Casino Royale) we are almost as proud that our competitively priced alternative has been used to furnish a German Private Investigator's office! Our furniture, including the Barcelona chair, have also featured in national publications including the Sunday Express and the Western Mail. Look out for May's edition of Ideal Home magazine as an article will be featuring our Barcelona chairs.

To buy the Barcelona chair, which can be with you within 3 days, please call the Iconic Interiors team on 0800 9155 313, or simply email them at info@iconicinteriors.co.uk. The Iconic Interiors web site contains more information on the Barcelona chair and other Bauhaus pieces of furniture.

More information on Mies'chair can be obtained from Barcelona chair page on the Iconic Interiors web site.

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